Radar Resources

There are many radar resources available and here are some of my favorites.

Satellite Resources

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Model Data

An ever growing list of some of my favorite model sources which serve as great tools when you want to target areas for chasing or just producing your own local weather forecast.

Severe Weather

Some great resources when you want to know if severe weather is going to occur in your area.

Tropical Weather

Keep tabs on tropical systems during the tropical season (June 1st - November 30th) with these great sites.

Tropical Weather Resources

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College WX Pages

Here you'll find some really cool and creative websites that enhance the atmospheric science departments at some of the best known meteorology schools.

Weather Education

These sites allow you to learn about our atmosphere and day to day weather. Great for kids and adults.

Misc. Weather Sites

Just a bunch of random weather sites that are cool to look at.

Historical Weather

Some historical weather resources for when you want to take a look back at the world of weather.

Historical Weather Resources

Climate Information

Climate Change is happening and this list will grow as we learn together what the climate impacts will be to our planet.

Climate Information

Weather Stuff

I'll post my reviews of the many weather apps and software packages that I use as well as different weather equipment from weather stations to anemometers here.