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Storm Chasing

Follow along on some of my storm chasing adventures.

Storm Chasing

Click here to see live storm chasing on LSM - Live Storms Media.
Let's Go!
When I'm out storm chasing you can follow along by clicking the link below to Live Storms Media's live chasing map. From this map, you just need to find my name, Michael Hook and click the icon to watch the stream. Most of the time the stream will come to you with minimal issues, but on active days where there are a lot of storm chasers or when I may be in fringe areas, there may be some buffering problems. In this case just be patient and the stream will usually come back to you. Other times you may have to drop and come back to me using the streaming icon.
Sometimes I find the storm and sometimes the storm finds me.

2021 Chase Season Recap

Coming soon!